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Developments in the field of technology, information and communication are increasing rapidly from year to year. Similarly, the level of competition in the business era is getting stronger. To compensate for these developments, a solution is needed in the field of efficient technology, information and communication to provide infrastructure to support human activities.

We are PT. Viriya Persada Netindo is a solution provider for technology, information and communication needs that focuses on distribution, service, and maintenance of networks and information and communication technology infrastructure.

Since its establishment in 2013, PT. Viriya Persada Netindo has a professional and responsible team, and has a professional and responsible team that has advantages in each of its fields, which are ready to provide the solutions you need.

To maintain the commitment of PT. Viriya Persada Netindo in presenting IT products according to customer needs, ranging from macro and micro (B2B) corporate customers, government institutions (B2G), to individual customers (B2C), PT. Viriya Persada Netindo works with various well-known Technology manufacturers such as Ubiquiti, Vertiv, APC, HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Fujitsu, D-Link, TP-Link, Cisco, Linksys, Mikrotik and others.



To be a reliable and competitive leader and provider of information and communication technology solutions.


  • Provide the latest and best services, solutions and motivations to meet customer needs and satisfaction
  • Maintain good relations with users and business partners
  • Providing good and high quality products
  • Having company infrastructure, human resources, and quality management systems
  • Improving welfare and fully committed to carrying out corporate social responsibility



The best price

    • We provide the best prices according to customer needs

Fast response & professional

    • Professional, friendly and quality-friendly service


    • All IT Network needs are in Viriya



IT Network Master Dealer

    • Has distributed various IT network tools in almost all of Sumatra 1

Procurement of IT & Network

    • Serving the procurement of computers, servers, PC hardware, and networks


    • Good after-sales service



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